If you are confident in your abilities to create your own landscape, be it a small courtyard or even a large perimeter garden, we offer our knowledge and guidance in a consultative manner.  We can help you choose the plant material, recommend solutions to your needs and provide you some semblance of a blue print for your landscape.  Common mistakes we see are at the fundamental level such as, proper soil nutrients, selecting the appropriate plant material based on sun exposure, topography and proximity to the ocean.  If you are not a professional, mistakes are likely to occur but our consultation services can help mitigate their magnitude and subsequent cost. 


For companies and organizations we offer consultation services as well.  Companies have hired us to help them design their landscape maintenance schedule, renovation projects, or replacement of certain trees or plant material.  In any case, consultation of our knowledge and expertise can be highly impactful and provide significant cost-savings while enhancing a property's visual aesthetics.